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    Welcome to my official website, the door to my own personal Queendom!


    Here, you can find out more about me and my fetish journey, discover my favorite toys and, of course, indulge in my irresistible feet. Check out my blog, gallery and be sure to follow me on social media!


    My feet demand attention everywhere I go. At every opportunity, I encourage the staring, enjoy the compliments and tease "secret" admirers without hesitation.


    Don't be shy. Relax, get comfortable and fall in love with these feet...💋

  • About Me


    Most of my life, I have been the quiet, towering, barefoot beauty with long, wide feet; a popular topic of hushed conversations. In young adulthood, I began displaying them proudly, usually painted black or kept natural and with several toe rings, feeling equally flattered by the quick glances and long stares I noticed.


    In 2003, I stepped onto the fetish scene as the premier Amazon Goddess of Dark Knight Films. Back then, I was completely inexperienced and unaware of the powerful affects my big, beautiful feet would have on unsuspecting admirers.




    Today, with 17 years as a seductive Amazon/Domme (on and off screen), fetish model and (now) producer, I create a variety of content focused on these wide, glorious babies. My favorite part of my feet is the length of my finger-like toes and I love using them to pick up things from the floor, or grab ears and noses.


    Often described as down-to-earth and easy to talk to, I continue to find myself in high demand and answering the same questions. For that reason, I decided to create this space for YOU to find many of those answers.


    I share photos, videos, fetish-related advice and so much more in my blog. My ultimate goal is to promote growth and unity within the foot (and trample) community as I explore new ways to mainstream foot-inclusive material.


    Feel free to contact me with your requests and I will let you know what I am willing to offer. This is a judgement-free zone and I love to hear YOUR ideas. I am the real thing, your neighborhood Goddess next door, and you will never get enough of these toes and soles.

    (For more about your new favorite Goddess, VISIT MY BLOG.)


    • Married MILF
    • AGE: 35
    • Birthday: June 9th (Gemini)
    • Location: Atlanta, GA (USA)
    • Height: 5'11" (180.34 cm)
    • Weight: 200 lbs (90.72 kg)
    • Shoe size: US 12W (EU 43/44)
    • Favorite color: BLUE
    • Favorite footwear: NONE...I prefer to be barefoot
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    🔹Do you do custom videos?

    Until further notice, I am not accepting custom requests. I am undecided if this will be a permanent change.

    🔹Do you offer Skype or video chat sessions?

    No. My current schedule does not have room for these requests. Subscribers via Patreon and OnlyFans have other options available.

    🔹How can I serve online or show support?

    I allow service to start with sharing my photos, website or blog posts on your social media (re-post, retweet, etc), but I most appreciate regular tributes. You may also visit one of my wishlists to earn my attention with gifts. A goddess can never be too spoiled, after all. **To receive in-depth, ongoing instructions for online servitude and possible, real-time ownership, send tribute of $75 or more (using the "TRIBUTE" button on my Clips4Sale or as an Amazon gift card to my email) as a show of commitment and wait to hear from me for your next steps.**

    🔹Do you sell worn items?

    Yes, (BY REQUEST ONLY) I offer socks, slippers, stockings and shoes. Use THIS FORM to submit your request.

    🔹How did you start as a fetish goddess/foot model?

    This is a question I get so often that I decided to write about it. Read all about my unexpected intro to the fetish community HERE.

    🔹Are your feet ticklish?

    Yes, but it depends on the tickler. I made a custom video sharing which areas of my feet are the most sensitive. Essentially, I tickled myself a bit as I mapped my soles. This video is only available to my Patrons.

    🔹Do you have a foot fetish?

    Definitely. Although I didn't always know what to call it, my feet have played a significant role throughout my life and helped me better understand my appreciation for others' along the way. I will share details of my journey in MY BLOG periodically.

    🔹Do you offer IRL (in real life) sessions?

    No. I am not currently accepting new worshipers, subs or slaves. IF I decide to accept someone new, that individual will be contacted directly. I am VERY picky about who I allow to enjoy my time and, of course, worship my feet. I will never open my schedule to everyone.

    🔹How do I get added to your private session list?

    I choose new people based on my communications with them, their level of respect/support and whether or not I want to watch my toes disappear down their throats. If you want to get my attention, gifts are always appreciated, rewarded and may increase your chances to be MINE. (VIEW MY WISHLISTS)

  • Window to My Sole

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    August 4, 2019 · HERstory
    His confidence made me curious. My sixteenth year of life holds so many little treasures contributing to my foot fetish herstory. In hindsight, I can't imagine my life to have led me in any other direction. My path seemed clear. As I shared in a previous entry (Born A Goddess), I felt...
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    Our feet connect us to the world. The fear of sharing one's fetish is a common discussion in my inbox. Wondering whether your lover will be excited and accept it, be curious to explore with you, be offended or be turned off entirely is a reasonable fear. However, suppressing such an...
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    Whether you'd like to ask a question, request a worn item, or suggest specific content for one of my free social media pages or the membership section of my Patreon or OnlyFans, use the form below to contact me. You may also reach me by email: thegoddessdesire@gmail.com


    Not all requests are approved!!

    ***I am not offering Skype or customs at this time***





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