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    Hello there fellow foot lovers♡

    Welcome to My Queendom!


    Here, you will learn more about Me and My fetish journey, discover My favorite "toys" and, of course, indulge in My irresistible feet. Check out My blog, gallery and be sure to follow Me on social media to keep up with My adventures.


    If you are interested in serving Me, or hope to earn the title of MINE, click on "Serving Desire" or the "Sessions" tab to choose the best option for you.


    Clearly, you cannot resist Me. Relax, get comfortable and embrace your weakness for Me...💋

  • About Me


    • Married Magic Mama
    • AGE: 35
    • Birthday: June 9th (Gemini)
    • Location: Atlanta, GA (USA)
    • Height: 5'11" (180.34 cm)
    • Weight: 215 lbs (95.52 kg)
    • Shoe size: US 12W (EU 43/44)
    • Favorite color: BLUE
    • Favorite footwear: NONE...I prefer to be barefoot


    I am the perfect mix of charming, sincere, classy, sarcastic, demanding and socially awkward; a "girl next door" type who easily takes your mind off your troubles and nurtures your inclination to adore feet. My long, wide feet demand attention everywhere I go. At every opportunity, I encourage the staring, enjoy the compliments and tease "secret" admirers without hesitation.


    I began exploring My fetishes in 2003, when I stepped onto the fetish scene as the premier Amazon Goddess of Dark Knight Films. Back then, I was completely inexperienced and unaware of the powerful affects My sensual dominance and delicious feet would have on unsuspecting admirers and eager little subs. Once I embraced the depths of My power, I NEVER LOOKED BACK!


    Today, with 17 years as a seductive Amazon Domme (on and off screen), content creator and producer, I offer a variety of content for you to enjoy, majority focused on these wide, powerful feet of Mine and how easily I control My subs. My favorite part of My feet is the length of my finger-like toes. I love using them to pick up things from the floor and grab ears, noses or nipples as I please.


    I share photos, videos, fetish-related advice and whatever else comes to mind in My blog. My ultimate goal is to promote growth and unity within the foot (and trample) fetish community as I explore new ways to mainstream foot-inclusive material.


    I am captivating and "surprisingly" down-to-earth, so, naturally, I continue to find myself in high demand, receiving many of the same questions. For these reasons, I am expanding this space to share more of Myself and allow you to find many of your long-sought answers.


    Feel free to contact Me with your requests and I will let you know what I am open to creating for you. This is a judgement-free zone, so never fear sharing the details of your ideas.


    I am the real thing and you will never quench your thirst for My attention.

    (For more about My beginnings, read MY FIRST ENTRY.)

  • Serve Me


    Choose how you serve Me 💋

    • Promo sub.
      If you have no tribute or money to offer Me, you may show love and appreciation by becoming My promotion sub. With this option, you will receive SOME attention from me, with no guarantees; I may like or comment on your posts to show that I see you making an effort or even engage in occasional private chats to get to know you.
    • Spoil Me/Adopt-a-bill
      Cover one of these expenses and I will soothe that ache you feel for My approval:
      - Pedicure: $50
      - Mani & Pedi: $80
      - Lunch: $25
      - New Toys: $60
      - Gas: $100
      - Car Insurance: $175
      - Date Night: $150
      - Lingerie: $70
      - Phone: $90
      - Internet: $75
      - Groceries: $250
      - Rent: $800
      - Just Because you Can: $1000


    Discover the euphoria of serving at My feet 💋

    My D/s relationships are precious to Me and I take each very seriously. ALL APPLICANTS MUST SEND A $30 NON-REFUNDABLE TRIBUTE TO SHOW you ARE SERIOUS, TOO.


    Applications without tribute will not be considered.

    Tribute without a completed application will not be considered.


    My subs/slaves are respectful, generous, thoughtful and diligent. As MINE, you will enjoy an experience catered to our shared kinks, as well as prioritized session opportunities.

    Other benefits and duties include:

    • Consistent communications with Me
    • Enjoying My worn footwear
    • Promoting Me how and when told to
    • Arranging monthly or weekly tribute
    • Opportunities for use in videos
    • Opportunities to worship My friends in your area
    • Menial tasks as I see fit

    Complete the application below to be considered.


    I will groom you to meet My expectations. It is up to you to exceed them.


  • sub/slave Application

  • The Goddess Life

    KINKS I ENJOY: Femdom, Trampling, Foot Fetish, Stockings/Hose, Leggings, Shoe/Heel/Boot Worship, Giantess, Ignore, Findom, Chastity, Pet Play, Age Play, Wax Play, Food Play, Light/Medium Bondage, Sensory Deprivation, CBT, SPH, JOI, CEI.



    Exchange text messages and pictures with Me. Starts at $35 for 10 minutes.

    (Can usually be booked same day.)

    VIDEO SESSIONS (Various Apps Used)

    Video chat with Me to interact live and share your kinkiest thoughts. Starts at $25 for 5 minutes.

    (Must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.)


    Trampling and Foot Worship are My favorite session activities and will always be My preferences. I am sensual by nature (a professional tease), but time with Me can range from chill and giggly to sensual and seductive to slightly more aggressive or forceful, but never painful unless agreed upon in advance.


    Request an in-person session in My area by completing MY SESSION REQUEST FORM. Further details will be discussed upon review of your submission.


    Short and sweet! Cash meets are the perfect way for you to greet Me on your knees, empty your bank account and make it back to your normal obligations quickly. I will tease you until you beg for the honor of touching My feet and will leave you with a reminder of why you crave to reside in My Queendom.


    My time is valuable. Do not waste it. All cash meets occur in a public place of My choosing. Complete MY CASH MEET REQUEST FORM and wait for further instructions.

  • Tribute Methods

    Lay the World at My Irresistible Feet
    *I enjoy and appreciate tributes of all sizes*








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    Vintage Videos: Sorority Stench

    Binge watch My NEW or classic trampling and foot fetish videos here, some dating back as far as 2003.

    Best value for checking out all My classic encounters AND some of My newer stuff! you may also leave Me a tip on this platform. (Over 70 videos currently available)

    Best value for access to hundreds of photos of Me and My beautiful feet! I also share teaser clips from upcoming releases before they are added to My store.

  • Window to My Sole

    A collection of my thoughts and experiences, illustrated with a taste of drool-worthy footography.

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    agosto 4, 2019 · HERstory
    His confidence made me curious. My sixteenth year of life holds so many little treasures contributing to my foot fetish herstory. In hindsight, I can't imagine my life to have led me in any other direction. My path seemed clear. As I shared in a previous entry (Born A Goddess), I felt...
    julio 7, 2019 · fetish living,foot advice · 4
    Our feet connect us to the world. The fear of sharing one's fetish is a common discussion in my inbox. Wondering whether your lover will be excited and accept it, be curious to explore with you, be offended or be turned off entirely is a reasonable fear. However, suppressing such an...
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