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Born a Goddess

All So Natural

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Feet were always loved in my home.

My mom is undoubtedly the source of my love for my feet. Despite the years of being teased about them, she so easily reminded me of their beauty. She paid close attention to my feet, commented on the length of my toes and complimented my arches. One of her favorite nicknames for me was "monkey toes" and it cracked me up each time I heard it. With a passion for anthropology, she encouraged me to use all my "digits" to pick up things, creating a game out of the challenge and cheering me on with each new task. From the age of 5 or so, I practiced with pens, toys, rocks, pulling grass or flowers... anything I could fit in the grasp of my toes. I even tried, unsuccessfully, to paint with my feet, but I'm sure I could have perfected that one had I continued practicing. My feet became tools and I happily learned to use them.

I always viewed trampling as a type of well-executed massage. Adjusting my feet and weight at exactly the right moments, I took to it like a fish to water. Although I have enjoy the more brutal side of it, too, I LOVE the relaxing, therapeutic aspect; the ability to offer so much comfort that someone could nearly melt into my wrinkled soles. Once again, this can be traced back to my childhood. As early as I can remember, my parents would ask me and my younger brother to walk on their backs, sometimes instructing us to hop if they felt we were too light. It helped loosen muscles, crack their backs and I saw it as completely normal as it was a common occurrence. I thought, everyone walks on their parents...right?

Due to the familiarity of these requests, I was not at all hesitant to engage in trampling when I was asked. On the contrary, I was intrigued and felt it was something I could easily be successful with. The only difference was walking on abs and chests, instead of the firmer, more stable backs I was used to. As someone who has been pretty clumsy most of my life, I insisted on the "safety net" of a wall and still prefer that while trampling, just in case I slip. Nonetheless, I was immediately comfortable and quickly started noticing my steps in certain areas increasing the pleasure for my little slave boy Denial, who was my first real-life slave and, later, in videos. I viewed it as dancing and would move to the music that played softly during our time together. I wouldn't speak much, but let the music flow through the room, over my entire being and guide my feet as I watched them cave in his happy little tummy. I used oil back then to allow more of a massage feel to my movements, but in more recent years have realized it is not entirely necessary.

The sensuality and allure revealed in trampling is unmistakable. The idea of having a warm body as my carpet, and for that person to welcome the pressure of my full weight, is so empowering and calming for me. Combining trampling and foot worship came naturally and is now automatic for nearly every session. From picking up fruit with my toes to feed my little slave, to dripping juice from my foot to his mouth, this training began with the purpose of increasing his endurance and improving his breathing control as I stood on him. I demanded his full attention, pushed him to new limits and often giggled to myself at my unexpected ability to anticipate his behaviors and reactions. Increasingly, I developed my goddesstry, as he so perfectly named it, and instructed every movement of his mouth and hands, finding myself fully pleased in this simple, yet significant role of dominance.

The Goddess life came like second nature to me and the ongoing journey is easily one of my life's most precious adventures. It seemed that overnight, sessions developed into my "normal." I looked forward to them each evening, like a glass of wine with dinner. To this day, when I am unable to play for months at a time, I feel like something is missing from my day. Regardless of how often my passions have to take a back seat, I feel I was born and bred a Goddess. With each passing year, this fact only becomes more clear to me and, of course, to those enjoying the view.

"What's meant to be will always find a way."

Would you enjoy a series of videos showing off more of my toes' dexterity and ability to pick up a variety of items? Leave a comment or question for me below and don't forget to subscribe to see all my future entries ♥

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