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How to Share Your Foot Fetish

Breaking the Ice

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Our feet connect us to the world.

The fear of sharing one's fetish is a common discussion in my inbox. Wondering whether your lover will be excited and accept it, be curious to explore with you, be offended or be turned off entirely is a reasonable fear. However, suppressing such an intoxicating, overpowering portion of your sexuality can cause a disconnect in the relationship fairly easily. After all, if you cannot share your WHOLE self with someone, are you giving them a sincere opportunity to know you, to love you completely? If you cannot share these exciting experiences with them, will you crave that connection with someone else?

The foot fetish community has grown significantly since my beginnings. With so many ladies keeping their gorgeous feet done and on display, without enjoying shows of appreciation from admirers, countless fetishists ask "where do I find a woman like you?" or "how do I tell my girlfriend how much I love her feet?" As someone who experienced the opposite problem in relationships (many of my previous lovers had to be convinced that showing extra attention to my feet would be beneficial to our sex life), I always make suggestions that I would have enjoyed. Since I have only received positive feedback from this advice, I am convinced it helps significantly.

Below is what I recommend to begin introducing your fetish to your lover. Start with what you think best suits your relationship and go from there. I have written them for speaking to "her," but much of this applies to sharing with "him," as well.

  • DO NOT start off by saying "I have a foot fetish." This is very important, especially in cases where you are unsure how she may react OR have heard her crack jokes about people with a foot fetish. Jumping right into the deep end is less appealing to everyone. Start off slow.
  • Nearly EVERYONE loves a foot massage. Offer one. Offer often. Make her feel comfortable and if she mentions her feet might stink, say something playful like "girl, that doesn't bother me" or "oh, whatever. You never stink." Or, if you aren't a fan of stinky feet, you could say "I'll wash them for you." Reassure her that you want to focus on her and relieve that ache in her feet after her long day. (I ALWAYS use coconut oil for massage because it feels amazing on the skin and can be eaten, just in case you get a chance to slip your mouth around those toes mid-massage. I don't suggest trying that immediately, though. Remember: start slow.)
  • Mention getting pedicures together. Some women do not even realize how beautiful their feet are and habitually hide them in closed-toe shoes. Show her you've noticed her feet and think she should take better care of them. Plus, BONUS, men who take care of their feet are sexier, but maybe that's just my opinion. Lol!
  • Ask her shoe size. BUY HER SOME SEXY SHOES! What woman wouldn't love a surprise pair of shoes? If they don't fit comfortably, tell her you'll take her to get some she does like. They don't have to be expensive. They can be $10 flip flops or strappy sandals to match that amazing outfit she just purchased. Again, showing her you're paying attention.
  • Paint her nails. When a lover offers to paint your nails, and just so happens to have chosen a perfect color to compliment your skin tone, it is flattering and can be a sensual experience in itself. Softly blow her nails dry or sit with her feet in your lap as you watch a movie together while they air dry.
  • Incorporate her feet in your sex life. This is a HUGE one that can quickly reward you with all the benefits of access to her feet, when done correctly. Cosmopolitan lists some positions to start with in THIS ARTICLE. Give them a review. Try some of your own. In case you haven't noticed, people usually feel more adventurous when overwhelmed with passion. That may very well be your "in" moment.

Regardless of where you start, or end up, reaching a point of being able to honestly discuss your fetish is vital to establishing a path to expressing yourself freely and her embracing this special part of you. Find ways to talk about her feet more often and give her compliments in ways that communicate "I care about and desire every inch of you." Once you feel comfortable saying "I love your feet in those shoes" or "can I take your socks off," she will likely already be more open to listening. Take opportunities to open up, help her understand that your kink(s) is deeply ingrained and has always been with you. Who knows, she may also begin to open up to HER fetishes after you break the ice.

If none of this works, or you fear they may leave you, DO NOT attempt to force your fetish on your lover. Personally, I believe sharing our kinks is what strengthens the relationship and brings us closer together. However, when exposing ourselves, there is always a chance it could backfire; avoiding rejection is what makes us want to keep it to ourselves in the first place, right? If the roles were reversed, would you be accepting in the ways you seek to be accepted?

Realistically, not all matches are made in fetish heaven. Even after years of being together, couples suddenly realize they are not sexually, emotionally or psychologically compatible. Sad, but it happens. Whatever steps you take toward, or away from, sharing your deepest desires with your lover...I will always be here to help satisfy your cravings ♥

"If you are always trying to be NORMAL you will never know how AMAZING you can be."

Have you found a way to successfully explore and enjoy your fetish(es) with your partner? Leave a comment or question for me below and don't forget to hit the "subscribe" button to see all my future entries ♥

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