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Launching Patreon

Happy Birthday to Me

My passion is endless.

Since before I can remember, my artistic outlets have been what keep me sane and help me maintain balance in my world. Writing, sketching, painting, etc...each has developed my healthy imagination and promoted a path of self-discovery. Once I was introduced to fetish material, I quickly began envisioning a Queendom of my very own, one in which my feet wear the crown, demanding attention, obedience and absolute submission. Immediately, I knew something in me had awakened, something sensually dominant and alluring. I was eager to share myself, my time and to allow subs and slaves to see why I am the only Goddess they need. Of course, I quickly discovered that self-proclaimed "subs" would devour my every waking moment with little regard for my rules. As you can probably guess, I would not be ME if I allowed that.

Since about November of 2018, I made the decision to dedicate more of my time and attention to truly sharing my experiences and, of course, my irresistible feet with the world. I outlined my plan to offer massive amounts of creative and exciting content, edit it all myself and embrace this powerful, one-women show, exploring all things foot-related, while also dipping my feet into other topics where they are not at all expected. Nothing comes together as quickly or easily as anticipated, so I launched this blog as a starting point for expansion and as my very own platform to express my uniquely complex self. Whether I post 3 times a week or 3 times a months, I intend to expose myself in ways many other goddesses never would by discussing REAL topics. Are you paying attention?

TODAY, this post is to share My day (6/9-Happy Birthday to Me♥) with you as I reminisce of the years past and so many awesome ones yet to come. Each day, week, month and year, I am growing, learning and realizing the depths of my own greatness. I welcome you to watch my journey, influence my next steps and, for some, even become directly involved in chapters of my adventures. Now that Patreon has been added to my Queendom, I look forward to you joining me there and drooling yourself dry. Enjoy the ride.

"Strive for progress, not perfection."

What portion of my Queendom are you most excited about? Leave a comment or question for me below and don't forget to subscribe to see all my future entries ♥

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