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Pampered by a Goddess

An Unexpected Treat With Goddess Delicious

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She had sucked my toes before, but never this.

Most people who know ME, know Goddess Delicious. From the day we met, there was a "familiar" flow of chemistry that poised us to combine our energies and drive our little slaves wild every. single. time. She is easily my favorite fellow goddess. Although we now live in different states, we often reminisce of the "good old days," share stories of our current subs and speak of all the exciting adventures still to come. When we are in the same room again, I will definitely be sharing new photos of us with you.

On this particular day, we had dual sessions scheduled at her place. I arrived early to paint my nails and she, the adorable little switch that she is, asked if she could do it for me. How could I deny such a request?

She pulled off my sneakers, which were not very sweaty this time, and, to my surprise, stopped to smell my socks! That is when I asked if I could take some pictures; I just knew they would be wonderful memories to look back on.

A few from this set have been shared on my social media over the years, offering a glimpse at the moments we shared in private that day. I will allow the photo set to tell the full story, but I still wish I had captured more. You can see all 36 from this set on Patreon for only $1!

Maybe next time, I'll suck her toes, too ♥

“A world without women would be a pain in the ass”

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