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Suddenly "Goddess"

My Fetish Introduction

· HERstory

I had no idea what to expect.

Becoming "Goddess Desire" has been a bit of a process, I must admit. From the beginning, though, I felt like the title chose me, jumped out at me, and enabled me to blossom in ways I had not explored previously. I was suddenly growing more confident, more in control, and embracing this position of dominance, expecting a new level of obedience I was unaware could exist in my world, frankly. I felt empowered.

Let's go back to day 1.

I was 18 years old. Had just turned 18, actually, was living with rude, obnoxious roommates, and working a new job in Virginia, one I wasn't sure I even liked. At some point in these early days of my journey into adulthood, speaking with an older, long-time acquaintance became a daily occurrence. He opened up to me, I opened up to him...normal friendship conversation developed between us. Never anything sexual or inappropriate, but deep and well-rounded. We trusted one another and were comfortable discussing just about anything.


One day, he casually, yet cautiously, mentioned an interest in finding someone to walk on his abdomen regularly. I was not shocked or bothered by it, but did ask for more details, thinking it sounded relatively innocent and normal. (I will get into why that is in a future post.) He revealed that he wanted to build his ab muscles and that a friend of his had begun doing so with the help of a young lady weighing 160 lbs. That friend is where he got the idea. Trampling, he called it.

Honestly, I'm uncertain how much time passed before we were meeting daily after work to test his endurance, increase his stamina, and explore all the different ways he could hold me on his stomach and, now, chest without gasping for air. I stood on his warm, welcoming tummy with one foot as he worshiped the other, practicing deeper breathing techniques. I fed him strawberries with my toes and poured juice down my foot to his eagerly awaiting mouth. It was a unique and special experience each day, our chance to unwind. He paid me for my time, but I found myself enjoying the peace and quiet as I watched him melt under my soles over and over again. I didn't count the minutes of each allotted hour and I didn't race out the room as soon as I noticed he was super turned on. I was intrigued and enjoying the ride, which had clearly just begun.

Somewhere along the line, he started looking for an explanation for what he was experiencing, the euphoria that had become a necessity each evening. I think he was searching for validation, reassurance that he wasn't strange and what we shared was not completely unheard of. That is when he stumbled upon trample fetish material, Goddesses, Mistresses and the submissives or slaves who fell to their knees at the chance to serve. When he shared that first video with me, I barely reacted. I can't even remember who was in it; I was unimpressed. I was well aware of fetish content. I didn't know anything about being IN it, but had a gut feeling that nothing we found in any videos would resemble the connection we had developed. It was obvious he agreed because shortly afterward, Dark Knight Films, "Goddess Desire" and "slave boy Denial" were born.

Before we knew it, we were creating trample and foot fetish content, sharing our special little dom/sub bond with a growing fan base and starring in our very own version of fetish his(Her)story.

"A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there."

Are you a fan of my days with Dark Knight Films? Can you remember the title of the very first video you watched? Leave a comment or question for me below and don't forget to subscribe to see all my future posts ♥

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